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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect is a VFX short film I'm currently directing, producing, and editing set to be released in the spring of 2021. The film is about how a butterfly’s journey causes a chain reaction of events. The story captures these moments using one slow-motion camera sequence in reverse, ending with where the butterfly started.

The Butterfly Effect is the idea that a seemingly insignificant thing can have a non-linear influence on a complex system. The saying goes “when a butterfly flaps its wings it causes a hurricane on the other side of the world”. In the case of my story, instead of causing a natural disaster the butterfly evokes a series of changes that leads to a love at first sight. 

After experiencing a very challenging year, I wanted to reflect on how erratic life can be but without the negativity we usually associate with 2020. I’m hoping to put a more positive spin to the Butterfly Effect as a message that even the smallest actions can influence a significant change. This is something I believe people could use more of today. It’s important to cling on to every little good thing because it could very well be a small piece to an even bigger, more beautiful picture.



VFX Breakdown



as "Man in Love"



Director, Producer, VFX Supervisor


Nomahegan Park, Cranford New Jersey

September 2020

Butterfly Effect Shoot
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