butterfly effect

post production and vfx

The film will be made to look like a single, continuous shot while the story is told backwards in slow motion. This technique forces the audience to experience the story rather than simply watching it. It puts the viewer in the moment itself and, by telling the story in reverse, builds suspense and holds off explanation until the very end. The slow motion emphasizes key moments throughout the film.


Some examples of this in film include Birdman (2014) and 1917 (2019) wherein both movies were filmed and edited to appear as a single continuous shot. Some films also utilize this technique for specific scenes such as The Shining (1980) where the continuous shot technique was used to build suspense and terror during the tricycle sequence. In other cases, it can be used for either comedic or action purposes such as in Kingsman: Secret Service (2014) where the church fight scene used the continuous shot technique for both purposes.

Continuous Shot Technique

Butterfly Asset

Modeled, textured, and rigged by Deemsys (Turbosquid)

Bird Asset

Modeled, textured, and rigged by AbramsDesign (Turbosquid)